Paragraph 91 [7" EP]

by Turd Sandwich

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released June 9, 2016

mastering by guido (per capita)
cover art by theresa



all rights reserved


Turd Sandwich Munich, Germany

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Track Name: Germoney
we have to keep our cars and money save
while they invade foreign countries, it's insane
their border patrol is watching people drown
and when it's on the news it gives the fuckin pope a frown
and the money they could spend to feed them all
was spent on building another fucking wall
to keep the people out from countries they've destroyed

they don't care much about syria at all
so turn on the TV, let's watch how the bombs fall
when it comes to endanger their profits in Iraq
just for companies sake they'll send their soldiers back
hypocrisy will kill, humanity will go
they spend their stolen money to have it for their own

our wealth was built on greed and hate
refugees killed by the state
compassion's gone linke sunken ships
our presidents are murderers.
Track Name: Sex In A Church
they wanna tell us how to live, tell us how to love
screwed up morals by their fucking god
and their hate of freedom this society accepts
are not in charge to decide with whom i have sex

they say: don't be gay, bi or lesbian
they act as fucking thespians
transgender or transsexual
fornication ain't unprotectable

i think that it's absurd
this classification hurts
let's go get to work
have sex in a church!

sex in a church!
Track Name: Two Cops, One Cup
there's a thousand songs like this but this one is ours
here's another shitty song about fucking cops
they want to detain us just for owning pot
last week our drummer even had to show his cock

so we're gonna laugh when the P.D. is on fire
living without fear is our greatest desire
the biggest threat i fear is the fucking police
their reign has to end, fuck all lawful means

do you think without pigs the state would exist?
without the state the police would exist?
i believe in a better community than this
that doesn't have to be controlled by fascist pigs
fuck the police!

in every town there's occupation
henchmen of a nazi nation
it's high time to throw a brick
policemen* can eat my shit!
Track Name: Sölch Song
lock me up, put me away
electric shocks to cure my brain
you call me ill because i misbehave
you give me pills to be a slave

authorities may lock you up if you get sick of this condition
evil men* will tie you up and turn you in but it ain't prison
no sin or crime that you've commited, your "craziness" will be enough
another broken (hu)man* is put away and they get rich of psycho drugs

and you will rot away for an unknown time
cause you don't fit the standard of these modern times
to go to fucking work and feel all right
you don't fit the standard of these modern times!