we have to keep our cars and money save
while they invade foreign countries, it's insane
their border patrol is watching people drown
and when it's on the news it gives the fuckin pope a frown
and the money they could spend to feed them all
was spent on building another fucking wall
to keep the people out from countries they've destroyed

they don't care much about syria at all
so turn on the TV, let's watch how the bombs fall
when it comes to endanger their profits in Iraq
just for companies sake they'll send their soldiers back
hypocrisy will kill, humanity will go
they spend their stolen money to have it for their own

our wealth was built on greed and hate
refugees killed by the state
compassion's gone linke sunken ships
our presidents are murderers.


from Paragraph 91 [7" EP], released June 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Turd Sandwich Munich, Germany

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