Two Cops, One Cup

from by Turd Sandwich



there's a thousand songs like this but this one is ours
here's another shitty song about fucking cops
they want to detain us just for owning pot
last week our drummer even had to show his cock

so we're gonna laugh when the P.D. is on fire
living without fear is our greatest desire
the biggest threat i fear is the fucking police
their reign has to end, fuck all lawful means

do you think without pigs the state would exist?
without the state the police would exist?
i believe in a better community than this
that doesn't have to be controlled by fascist pigs
fuck the police!

in every town there's occupation
henchmen of a nazi nation
it's high time to throw a brick
policemen* can eat my shit!


from Paragraph 91 [7" EP], track released June 9, 2016



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Turd Sandwich Munich, Germany

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